(Posted 8.00pm 11 Sept 2008)

Due to the movement of racehorses around the track before 8.15am the AJC advise that the eastern end (Georges River end) gate will not be opened until 8.15am.  The use of the tunnel to enter the course using the southern gate on Gov. Macquarie Drive will not be opened at all.

For those customers who wish to park on the grass at the eastern end of the market before 8.15am we have arranged the gate which is at the end of the old railway platform to be opened at 7am.  This gate leads into the racecourse proper and the parking area adjacent to the markets.

To access this gate drive towards the main gate off Gov. Macquarie Drive but do not enter through the main gate - turn right along the roadway below the old railway platform and head towards the Georges River.  You will see a set of stairs on the left this allows pedestrian access to the market area - if you want to drive your car into the racecourse then keep driving another 100meters or so and you will see two cyclone gates which will open at 7am turn left through those gates then across the grass and left on the roadway towards the grandstand.

This gate will remain open until 12noon and provides a second car entrance into the market.  

We apologise for any confusion but it is unavoidable for the safety of people and the horses.

The Board
United Growers Pty Ltd